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“Jeff does a fabulous job as a writer for the Karmanos Cancer Institute. I typically receive great feedback about his work. Jeff quickly delivers well-written copy on demanding deadlines. He’s skilled at interviewing physicians, scientific researchers and patients about their medical issues, which he does with respect and sensitivity. He also is able to take complex information and present it so that it is interesting and understandable. Jeff’s writing not only promotes our mission as a comprehensive cancer center, it also provides hope and encouragement to cancer survivors, their families and their friends.”

​​Linda Remington, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications Karmanos Cancer Institute

“Jeff is a true professional, who easily fit into our organization and project. He is an excellent writer and communicator, detail-oriented, conscientious and timely in his work. Jeff works well with individuals at all levels and backgrounds — from staff and physicians to donors, patients and members of the community.”

​​Kathy Torick, Writing and Research Services Coordinator

Ascension Michigan Foundation

“Jeff and I have worked together on multiple writing projects for St. John Providence Health System Foundations over the past few years. Jeff is a wonderful professional, enjoyable to work with and very flexible. He produces excellent copy and builds great relationships. He would be an asset for any project!”

​​Mia Axon, Major Gift Consultant

St. John Providence Health Foundation


“It has been a breeze working with Jeff. His writing is creative, he communicates throughout the process and he always hits his deadlines. Jeff is a true professional and has been a pleasure to work with.”

Erin Younan, Project/Event Coordinator - Community Outreach/Member Engagement

Health Alliance Plan


“Jeff is a pleasure to work with. He is efficient and asks the right questions. You can count on Jeff to keep on top of things, even with the most challenging projects. His good nature and personality are only second to his writing ability.”

Lisa McGinty, Art Director

Grigg Graphic Services


“Jeff is obviously a talented writer, but what differentiates him from others is his attention to detail. He always takes the time to understand the full scope of the story and, as a result, he gets a lot out of every interview. He submits projects on time and at the assigned word count — two things I’m finding are rarities these days. Jeff is a true professional in every sense of the word.”

Darcy Gifford, Executive Director, Integrated Content

Eastern Michigan University

“When the City of Huntington Woods needed to address specific emergency and regular communications practices with its residents, Jeff volunteered his services as a member of our Advisory Communication Committee. He attended every meeting and lent his expertise to help the city relaunch its website, enhance its social media presence and refine its communications strategies. Jeff continues his committee involvement by voluntarily editing the city’s weekly news e-blast as well as various tip sheets distributed to residents. His input is very valuable in helping the city get key messages to our community. I’ve enjoyed working with Jeff and am certain he would be an asset to any organization looking to take its communications practices to the next level.”

​​Amy Sullivan, City Manager

City of Huntington Woods, MI


“Jeff is an extremely professional, reliable and talented writer. He accepts helpful recommendations, always meets deadlines and meets all expectations. I feel confident knowing that Jeff is on top of each project, and I enjoy working with him.”

Kathy Stannis, Manager, Public Relations and Marketing

Harper University Hospital/Hutzel Women's Hospital


“I have worked with Jeff for several years as a freelance writer and he is always extremely professional. He is mindful of deadlines, turns in very clean copy and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him as a professional writer.”

Elizabeth Katz, External Marketing & Communications Manager and Editor, Hope Magazine

Karmanos Cancer Institute


“Jeff’s attention to detail and willingness to finish the job correctly is an asset. He’s not afraid to ask the right questions to move a project forward and he handles constructive criticism professionally. Jeff has the ability to adapt to various writing environments, from Public Relations, Catalog, Web and Advertising. His positive attitude makes for a better day in the office for all.”

Joe Becker, Senior Art Director



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